11 Years of expertise in the field of entrepreneurship in areas of technology, events and tourism LGBT.

Tourism industry

Youngest member of the board of IGLTA, International Association of Gay and Lesbian Tourism.

LGBTQ+ activism

His vision of LGBTQ+ inclusion activism is very visible in each of his projects.

What’s new?


Queer Holdings

Is a group of companies specialised in the LGBT+ community. Creating new business opportunities bringing new spaces, and voices for those who lost their own, this is our way to make this world more tolerant and united.

'Ahora que ya lo sabes'

Oriented for those people who are in the process of accepting themselves, deriving prejudices and coming out of the closet.


LGBTQ+ Community Strongly Boosts Tourism

Oriol Pamies considered that among his plans is the realization of the annual meeting of IGLTA in Mexico and coordinate the arrival of a cruise specialized in the segment.

El Economista
06 April 2019
Oriol Pamies reviews the experience of the LGTBQ+ Open Sea Cruises x Axel Hotels

It has been one of the great LGTBQ+ events of 2018. The first edition of the Open Sea Cruise x Axel, which took place at the end of summer, became a success, endorsed by the good reception of more than 1,200 people who attended the call for a new LGTBQ+ pop cruise concept.

31 December 2019
Oriol Pamies joins the board of directors of the International Tourism Association LGTBI

The co-founder of Moovz, an LGTB social network, Oriol Pamies, has been appointed to the board of directors of the International Gay and Lesbian Tourism Association.

Europa Press
11 April 2018


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